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Cover Reveal: From the Inside Out by S.L. Scott

Here are the covers for 'From the Inside Out,' by S. L. Scott.

From the Inside Out is a brand new
 4 part serial from 

New York Times Best Selling 
Author S.L. Scott. 

Here are the AMAZING covers for Scorned and
Jealousy - Part 1 & 2 of the serial

                 Part 1: Scorned - Aug 18                     Part 2: Jealousy - Sept 8

We shared a love that regulated every heartbeat and every breath we took. It was all encompassing. I thought our love could withstand time and anything thrown our way.

I was wrong. So wrong.

I used to be happy. I used to be Juliette Weston when Dylan Somers filled my life with promises of love and a happy ever after. But when he took my heart and broke it into a million pieces, I became someone else entirely. In one afternoon, I lost my soul mate. I lost everything I knew myself to be.

Three years later, the man who destroyed me is back.

To assuage his guilt? To finish the job? It doesn’t matter… I won’t let him this time. I’m stronger. I’ve moved on. He won’t affect me.

This is a story of love and betrayal. Pain and loss. Happiness and fate. It’s about finding your true destiny.

This is our story.

And it’s not for the faint of heart.

S.L. Scott is a former high-tech account manager with a journalism degree pursuing her passion for telling stories. She spends her days escaping into her characters and letting them lead her on their adventures.

Live music shows, harvesting jalapenos and eating homemade guacamole are her obsessions she calls hobbies.

Scott lives in the beautiful Texas hill country of Austin with her husband, two young sons, two Papillons and a bowl full of Sea Monkeys.

Her novels include Naturally, Charlie, Good Vibrations, and A Prior Engagement.

She welcomes your notes at


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Book Review: Never Lose Hope by K.D. Carr

Check out my book review for 'Never Lose Hope' by K.D. Carr.

*An e-ARC was provided by the author for an honest review.*

I really enjoyed this Novella!

Jon and Judy are a married couple. They have an active sex life.

Judy surprises Jon at work for an afternoon delight.

One day Tom asks Jon for help. Says his wife, Hope, talked to Judy, and Judy suggested Jon might be able to help him with his love life.

So, Jon meets with Tom every morning with a set of tasks. To try and figure out if Tom can come up with ways to make his marriage work.

Tom doesn't quite understand. 

Meanwhile, Jon and Judy are having the time of their lives being flirty and sexual. They know how to keep their marriage spicy.

In the end, Tom and Hope are seeing changes and are communicating better than ever.

This was a sexy, fun, and even a bit educational!

I give 'Never Lose Hope' by K.D. Carr 4-stars!

Cover Reveal: Hemy by Victoria Ashley

Check out the cover of 'Hemy' by Victoria Ashley!



Cover designed by CT Covercreations
Hemy is set to release late 2014



My name is Hemy Knox and I’m a fucking heartbreaker . . . I’ve hurt the one person that means the most to me in life; the only woman I have ever fucking loved. I let the drugs, alcohol and wild life take over; consume me. I got her where I wanted her and ripped her fucking heart out. Since then, I’ve spent countless nights having dirty, meaningless sex with a multitude of people; only leaving them wanting and begging for more with no regrets. Some may even call me the devil; soulless. They look and judge, but there is one thing they don’t know; no one does. I want more than this life of stripping and sleeping around; the never ending party. I want love and everything that comes with it; that high that never ends. The problem is . . . I only want it with her. Onyx. She refuses to be mine . . . again. She’s smart and it’s a mother fucking pain in my ass; guarding her heart while ripping mine right out of my chiseled chest. I can’t say that I blame her. I always was a dumb ass when it came to the emotions of a woman, especially her. She wants to see me suffer as much as I made her; watch me wither and fucking die at her feet. She wants to crush me until I’m no longer breathing and I will let her, because it hurts far less than not having her as mine. I will stop at nothing to make her mine again. The pain only drives me harder; feeding my fury and giving me a reason to live . . . her. ***Author's note*** Due to strong language and a very high amount of sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18. This is #2 in the Walk Of Shame series of novellas that will all be STANDALONE reads. This includes F/M and F/M/M so if you’re not into dirty sex scenes with filthy language, then this book is not for you. If you are . . . then, come meet the dirty boys of Walk Of Shame.



My eyes meet Hemy’s and they stay there as the man quickly leaves us alone. “Lock the door,” I demand. Hemy locks the door with a smirk and walks over to stand in front of me. “No touching,” I whisper. “Just yourself.” Hemy grabs me by the hips and sets me on top of the table before walking away and taking a seat on the other side of the couch. The clean side. His eyes watch me with heated desire as I open the rest of my bustier and pull it open. My hands reach up to rub my pierced nipples causing Hemy to growl and adjust his cock. “Mmm . . . you like that?” I run my hands in between my breasts until they reach the top of my panties. “I want you to come for me, Hemy. I miss seeing you lose it over me.” He watches me as I drop down on my knees and spread my legs apart. I slowly slide my hand down the front of my panties and run my finger up and down my wetness before sliding a finger inside. “Mmm . . . I’m so wet for you.” I push in and out. “Can you hear it, Hemy? Remember how much you loved the sound of me being wet for you?” “Fuck yes.” He undoes his jeans before pulling down the zipper. “Fuck yourself faster and rub your nipple with your other hand.” I do as he says while moaning out. “That’s it, baby. Do it for me.” I position myself so that I’m sitting on my ass with my legs spread eagle in front of his face. I want to be sure he gets a good view. Then I pull my panties to the side and bare my wet, throbbing pussy to him. “That’s it, Onyx.” He pulls his cock out of his jeans and I instantly notice the piercings. It has me so turned on that I have to stop all movement in fear of getting off too soon. He notices me eyeing his cock and grins. “Imagine these steel bars deep inside you as I pound into. You know I like it deep, baby.” His hand starts stroking his cock and I instantly notice the bead of pre-cum that drips off the head and onto his hand. I bring my hand down to touch myself again and move at the same rhythm as Hemy as he strokes himself. His eyes never stray away from my fingers shoving themselves deep inside me. I’ve needed this for a long time. Ever since leaving Hemy, reaching orgasm as become almost close to impossible. Just watching him get off as I get myself off is enough to make me want to explode. He starts stroking harder and faster while sucking on his lip ring. “I’m about to blow, baby. I wish it were inside of you.” His words set me off and I find myself shaking from the most intense orgasm I have had in years. A few seconds later, Hemy is blowing his load into his free hand, moaning out my name. We both look at each other while coming down from our temporary high.




New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author. Victoria Ashley grew up in Rockford, IL and has had a passion for reading for as long as she can remember. After finding a reading app where it allowed readers to upload their own stories, she gave it a shot and writing became her passion. She lives for a good romance book with bad boys that are just highly misunderstood and is not afraid to be caught crying during a good read. When she's not reading or writing about bad boys, you can find her watching her favorite shows such as Sons Of Anarchy, Dexter and True Blood. She is the author of Wake Up Call, This Regret and Slade (Walk Of Shame #1) and is currently working on more works for 2014.
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Surrender to Me by Monica James is Now LIVE!!!

Go pick up 'Surrender to Me' by Monica James now!


Ava Thompson left her one true love, Jasper White, to unearth her destiny. It was the only way for Ava to grow into the woman she’s always wanted to become. 

Sadly, that destiny has led her back to the place that broke her … Singapore.

And more importantly, it has led her back to the man who broke her … Harper.

Ava is no longer the scared, lost girl she once was. She is stronger and determined to accomplish her dreams in order to find happiness. Hopefully, at the end of it all, she will return into the loving arms of Jasper White. 

Six months later, Ava travels back to Los Angeles for an event that embraces the true meaning of love. Sadly for Ava, her meaning of true love has been lost. 

Los Angeles is not how Ava left it. Things have changed. People have changed. She has changed. However, what has remained untouched is her passionate love for Jasper White. 

But does Jasper feel the same?


He inches his face towards mine, and I too edge forward, so not in control of my actions right now, because kissing him is the only thing I can think of. But then I remember he’s drunk, and this kiss will be meaningless in the morning.

Pulling back and shaking my head, in hopes of knocking some sense into my lust-filled brain, I whisper, “You’re drunk, Jasper.”

Jasper smiles, but it’s a sad smile.

His eyes focus on mine as he confesses, “I’m drunk on you. You’re my poison, Ava, and I don’t know how to stop consuming you.”

A breath catches in my throat as words that should be interpreted harshly, aren’t at all perceived that way. I don’t know how to reply, so I don’t. I close my eyes and take five steadying breaths.


Reopening my eyes, I see that I’m alone.

Peering up at Jasper’s house, I witness him turning back towards my car from his front door. The porch light reflects off his beautiful face, and his expression is mirroring mine. And that expression is one I have been trying so hard to keep at bay, but sadly have been failing at.

That expression is one of submission and surrender.

We both surrender.

And that fact scares the living shit out of me.

Buy the Book

Author Bio

Monica James spent her youth devouring the works of Anne Rice, William Shakespeare and Emily Dickinson.

When she is not writing, Monica is busy running her own business, but she always finds a balance between the two. 

She enjoys writing honest, heartfelt and turbulent stories, hoping to leave an imprint on her readers, and her inspiration comes from every day life. She is an Amazon best selling author in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Monica James resides in Melbourne, Australia, with her wonderful family, and menagerie of animals.

She is slightly obsessed with cats, chucks and lip gloss, and secretly wishes she was a ninja on the weekends.

Contact Monica

Other Books by Monica James


Singapore has stolen a piece of Ava Thompson.

It took one life shattering moment for her to realize her ex-boyfriend is not the man she believed him to be. Returning home to Los Angeles was never going to be easy for Ava, as her heart has been shattered to smithereens and she’s convinced it’ll never heal. Or, so she thought.

Enter Jasper White.

Unbeknown to Ava, he will change her life forever.

The attraction is instantaneous, which troubles Ava, who has sworn off men indefinitely. Yet, she is finding resisting Jasper—with his tousled bedroom hair and piercing cerulean eyes—harder than she ever imagined. That’s because Jasper knows what he wants … and he wants her.

Can Ava surrender to her feelings for the one man who compels her to love again? What happens if love isn’t enough?


Mia Lee has a secret… 

A secret she’s kept hidden since she was eight years old, however, Mia will no longer allow that secret to define her. 

An irrevocable decision has left Mia Lee a fugitive and on the run—a circumstance that should leave her weak and scared, yet Mia has never felt so alive.

Under the pseudonym of Paige Cassidy, Mia is ready to live the life she’s never had, and she’s determined not to allow her tainted past dictate her promising future. 

Paige is on a Greyhound bus heading from L.A. to South Boston, Virginia, to start a new life. A life that includes finding her mother, who abandoned her at age three. But what she finds, is four people, who will change her life forever.

Yet no one can outrun their past…

Especially one filled with bitter memories, which refuse to remain hidden.



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Special Promotion for 'FIX YOU' by Beck Anderson! ONE WEEK ONLY! + Giveaway!

"FIX YOU" by Beck Anderson is on sale for this week only!



When Kelly Reynolds’ husband died, he left her—the awkward, cautious one—to raise their two young boys. She’s pieced herself back together, barely. Now she takes refuge in her routine: running her kids around and running the trails near her Idaho home.

Two years after her husband’s death, a chance encounter on a run brings Andrew into her life. But Andrew is Andy Pettigrew, the Andy Pettigrew, famous actor. Kelly hates risk, and a love affair with Andrew is certainly tempting fate. She doesn’t fit into his Hollywood world. She doesn't own a pair of Louboutins, and she couldn't walk five paces in them if she did. Andrew oozes cool. She reeks of dork.

But despite this, they click. It may be inexplicable, but it works. However, it’s also becoming clear that Andrew struggles with the pressures of his fame. Kelly’s hold on a so-called normal life is already tenuous, and as much as she might want to indulge the fantasy, she doesn't know how either of them is supposed to cope with stalkerazzi and tweet-happy fans with camera phones. She and Andrew both have secrets that seem impossible to keep.

Beck Anderson’s witty, engaging writing yields an emotional tale of love, loss, and all the little things that make up a life. In the end, what is it that really holds us together? Kelly must decide if love can fix two people who might be broken beyond repair.

FIX YOU is on sale for one week only! Grab a copy today!


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Stephanie's Sexy Reads: Cover Reveal - 'Evelyn' by Tracie Podger

Promotional photo edit with Synopsis of Evelyn, a novella from the Fallen Angel Series by author Tracie Podger 

Title: Evelyn Author: Tracie Podger Genre: Contemporary Adult Romance Publication Date: July 28, 2014 Tour Sponsored By: Tracie Podger and Passionate Promotions

Photo of the book cover for Evelyn, by author Tracie Podger

~ The Background ~

Evelyn is a pivotal character in books 1 and 2 of the Fallen Angel Series. In books 1 and 2, readers learn a little of her background, how she met principal characters Robert Stone and his best friend Travis, and how she became such an integral part of their lives. But that is far from all there is to know about this wonderful character. She has her own story to tell, and it's a powerful one. If you've read the Fallen Angel series, you know that every character has secrets ~ sometimes bittersweet, sometimes utterly devastating, even tragic; and as their secrets unfold, the story deepens with a passionate intensity, weaving the characters' lives together with bonds that cannot be broken. In every character's life, choices must be made, and very often the past not only determines the choice, but produces its outcome, especially given the complexities of "family culture" explored in the Fallen Angel series. In this novella, Evelyn tells her story, ultimately connecting it to the sequence of events as they unfold in Fallen Angel 1 and Fallen Angel 2. As you read it, it is easy to imagine sitting across a table in a quiet cafe', sharing a bottle of chianti, listening as Evelyn tells her story, her way...
~ Synopsis ~

Evelyn was sixteen years old when she fell in love. She fell in love with a murderer.
Rocco has been sent from Italy to live with the Morietti family in Washington, DC, for his safety, for his protection. He hadn’t banked on meeting the beautiful, but young, Evelyn, the daughter of the man who has given him refuge. He hadn’t banked on falling in love. How hard is it to love the daughter of the man who holds your fate in his hands? And once you fall, how hard is it to keep your love a secret? Which is the greater threat to them both, to keep their secret, or to admit and fight for each other? Evelyn and Rocco are forced to accept a life of secret meetings, lies, love and loss. Few relationships can survive it, and not every romance has a happy ending. But if there is a chance....... is it not worth a try? This is the story of young love, of dreams and hopes for a future not possible. This is the story of Evelyn. Contemporary romance for readers over the age 18. Although part of the 5* Fallen Angel Series, this novella can be read as a standalone.

Evelyn - advert 003.001

~ Add Evelyn to Goodreads ~

~ About Tracie Podger ~

Photograph of Author Tracie Podger

Tracie Podger currently lives in Kent, UK with her husband and a rather obnoxious cat called George. She’s a Padi Scuba Diving Instructor with a passion for writing. Tracie has been fortunate to have dived some of the wonderful oceans of the world where she can indulge in another hobby, underwater photography. She likes getting up close and personal with sharks. Tracie wishes to thank you for giving your time to read her books and hopes you enjoy them as much as she loves writing them. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact her, she would love to hear from you.

~ Contact Tracie via Social Media ~

Twitter (@Tracie Podger) Facebook (Tracie Podger, Author) Website ( Tracie's publicist, Paula Radell, can be contacted via

~ The Fallen Angel Series ~

Available in ebook and paperback.... Fallen Angel, Part I On the first day of her holiday to Washington, DC, Brooke Stiles meets Robert Stone. Dark eyed, damaged and dangerous - Stone has never had a normal relationship for fear of his past being exposed. Not knowing how to respect nor love, he struggles with his feelings for a woman who makes him question everything that he is. Brooke falls in love with him and as their relationship grows she learns who he really is. Her future is set. She is to heal her man and mend his broken soul. But can she do the one thing that he asks? This is a story of an ordinary woman who falls in love with an extraordinary man and has to discover whether she is strong enough to forgive him his past.

  One-Click Purchase from Amazon US ~ Click on the Cover (Kindle Version)

Fallen Angel - Advert 6.001   

Fallen Angel, Part II When Brooke Stiles had said, “It was in a small room in an office block in Washington, DC, that my life changed, forever,” she had no idea of the enormity of that statement. Just a few short months ago, Brooke, had lived a quiet suburban life in the UK. She now owns a closet of clothes she could only dream about and has been swept off her feet by trouble with a capital T. Once Robert Stone came to terms with the fact that he was in love with Brooke, he knew he could never let her go. Not letting her go means introducing her to his life, past and present. However, when Robert’s past and present collide, Brooke does the one thing that Robert begs her not to. Does it change her? Has that light that he sees in her eyes been extinguished? This is a story of an ordinary girl who finds the strength to become the extraordinary woman, and keeps her promise to the man she owes her existence to.

One-Click Purchase from Amazon US ~ Click on the cover (Kindle Version)


~ The Fallen Angel Series Continues....~

Fallen Angel, Robert (a novel, Robert's story) ~ in progress ~ releasing late this summer! Fallen Angel, Part III (Autumn, 2014) A Virtual Affair

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Book Review: 'A Flawed Heart' by April Emerson

Here is my review for 'A Flawed Heart' by April Emerson! I LOVED it so much, I thought I'd try something new, by adding animated photos, so you can see how I pictured the book in my head! (If the photos are too much, let me know in the comments section below! Then I'll know not to do it again.)

*An e-ARC was provided by the author for an honest review.*

Title: A Flawed Heart
Author: April Emerson
Genre: New Adult/Erotic Romance
Pages: 194
Release Date: July 21, 2014
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing


Book Description -

Claire Brighton has just finished college and is abandoning her warm, southern home in favor of gritty New York City. Her search for the perfect roommate leads her to Lydia Taylor. Lydia lives a life of privilege in her father's penthouse, but like Claire, she's ready to go out into the world on her own. Claire and Lydia rent a little apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, near Lydia's older brother, Jason. Claire is intrigued by Lydia's stories of Jason, who is the black sheep of the family—and a musician. The minute Claire hears him sing, she falls for him. Claire thrives in her new urban surroundings, treasuring her time with Jason and exploring her new found sexuality, but both Claire and Jason carry shadows with them. They're each fighting wounds of their past. Will they defeat their demons? Will their feelings for each other last?

Reviewer’s Thoughts -

A Flawed Heart starts out with Claire. She's just moved from Georgia to Brooklyn. (I picture Zoey Deutch, as Claire.)

She finds her new roommate, Lydia, on Craigslist. She needs a new start, some place that isn't Savannah, so she goes to Brooklyn for school.

Lydia brings Claire to her dad's penthouse, and has her sleep in her brother's old room. Claire isn't sure why, but she feels drawn to the aura there.

When Lydia and Claire get to their new place, Lydia introduces Claire to her girlfriend, Kat. Lydia, Kat, and Claire, head over to Lydia's brother's apartment.

Enter Jason Taylor. (I pictured The Neighbourhood's Jesse Rutherford, as Jason.)

Man, is he HOT! He's six foot I-don't-remember, because he's got some tattoos that I see and want to lick check out.

Oh my...

I mean, COME ON!! Hotness overload!

Everyone in the group, (Lydia, Kat, Claire, Ben, Alana) go over to the local bar where Jason is performing. He sings a song that is a bit haunting.

He gets so worked up, he walks off alone.

Claire goes outside to smoke, and sees Jason.

Once they get to talking, they both find out that each one of them has lost a parent, and that bonds them more than they realize. This leads to a kiss!

Did I also mention that Jason is seeing someone? Don't worry, it doesn't last.

Claire goes to Jason’s apartment, to meet their group of friends for dinner, and Jason wasn't there. It gets late, so Lydia and Kat sleep in Ben’s room, since he is at his girlfriend’s, and Claire falls asleep on the couch. She wakes up to find Jason watching her sleep. She was calling out to him in her sleep. Jason asks her what she wanted, when she had said his name, and she conveys she wanted to kiss him.

Jason asks Claire to follow him and takes her to his room. She looks around and they chat for a bit, when she notices his keyboard. Jason inquires if Claire wants him to play for her, so he plays a song that he heard earlier in the day, that reminded him of her.

When the song ends, Jason makes his move and tells Claire to lie down! Then, he stalks over onto the bed, is above her and she demands him to kiss her.

They have a bit of a moment on the bed, when Jason takes her to the window where the fire escape is, and they go up on the roof to stargaze.

The next morning, Claire wakes up in Jason's arms. She kind of freaks out, because she knows that Lydia is already awake and knows she spent the night with Jason. She doesn't want to lose her roommate or her friend.

Claire leaves and goes job hunting. She finds a bookstore and goes in to apply. Claire had a run in with the guy who works there before, and he recognized her, so Tony hires her on the spot. She starts work right away.

After work, Claire meets up with Lydia, and she basically tells her to stay away from Jason. Lydia makes her promise, and she does.

On the way home, she runs into Ben, Jason's roommate, and they talk about Lydia being overprotective over Jason and vice-versa, and he tells her Jason really likes her, and to prove to Lydia that it's more than a hookup.

When Ben leaves, Tony is approaching Claire. Her co-worker, Tony, is her neighbor!

Small world, right?

Lydia had invited Claire to a party, so she in return invites Tony, who was already planning on going. As she invites Tony over to pre-game before the party, Jason walks up and is JEALOUS!

Claire mentions to Jason that Lydia does not want them seeing each other, and Jason is mad. He tells Claire it doesn't matter, that he wants her. She says she wants him too.

Jason leaves to meet with Lydia, and reminds her she can't tell him or Claire they can't see each other. Lydia believes he'll dump Claire and break her heart. He replies he won't do that, and she informs Jason she'll believe it when she sees it.

Jason goes to the bar before to the party, and there was a drunk guy hitting on some girls. Jason gets in an altercation with the guy, and gets banged up a bit.

Once at the party, Jason sees Tony with Claire and gets mad again. He clearly has anger issues. But getting to the root of why, is what will ultimately help Jason.

A few girls request for Jason to sing and Claire gets so wrapped up in his singing, she walks over to him and begins singing with him.

Claire can sing! Who knew?

Jason and Claire kiss and everyone sees. Lydia wipes a tear and she's smiling, so Jason and Claire leave hand-in-hand.

Jason takes Claire to a deserted lot and they talk. Claire wants to know why he and his ex broke up. He explains he feels like he’s just been going through the motions, since his mom died.

Soon, a little bit of this goes on...

Then, next thing you know, this happens right above them!

It scares the crap out of Claire and she has to take a panic attack pill.

They both have past issues that they need to completely lay out on the line, in order for their relationship to work. They still have so much to learn about each other.

Once back at Jason's apartment, they finally make love! Not have sex... Jason makes love to Claire.

April Emerson hits the sex scenes perfectly!

They both have past issues that they need to completely reveal to each other in order for their relationship to work.

Claire returns to Jason’s apartment and they have their first sexual encounter. April Emerson’s writing is exceptional in this area. It’s like being a fly on the wall and watching as everything unfolds.

A few days later, Claire goes to Jason’s rehearsal space. She talks to this guy, looking for directions to Jason’s space. Adian is all kinds of smarmy. Creepy even.

Once in Jason’s space, they both play twenty questions, to learn more about each other. They talk more about how they lost their respective parent.

After some piano loving, Jason asks Claire to be his girlfriend!

The group of friends to the bar and Jason takes Claire into a back room where the alcohol is.

After Claire does her thing, guess who walks in on them? The creepy guy, Aidan! So, of course he and Jason get into an altercation and Jason gets arrested.

Claire needs some time to think about if this is really what she wants, and takes some time to herself for the next few days.

Bad timing, yes, but she really needs to think about things. Jason has a lot of misdirected grief and he needs to get a handle on that.

Claire goes to Jason's space with Lydia, to meet their friends. She apologizes to Jason for being away. He understands.

The next day, they wake up and Jason wishes Claire a happy birthday. They have plans to go into the city together to mini-celebrate. There is a reason why she doesn’t like to celebrate.
Over the course of the evening, Jason tries several times to tell Claire that he loves her. He just can't seem to find the right moment.

There was a misunderstanding that night, so they get into a little argument, but when Jason finally does tell Claire he loves her, it's sweet!

And their kiss goes from this...

To this...

Once home, they have another misunderstanding, and Claire is crushed. I understand her reaction, but she took it the wrong way. Jason was quick to clarify himself, and then we get more makeup sex!

Jason invites Claire to perform with him, Lydia and Ben for a showcase for agents and music industry people, and while at the showcase, Jason finally has a breakthrough of sorts.

I won't give away the end, but I really loved this book!

A Flawed Heart is so much more than sex. It's about loss, grief, communication, overcoming woebegoneness, and finding love.

April Emerson is such a fantastic writer, and I give A Flawed Heart 6-stars!

= For those books that were extra special for me. Sometimes they moved me emotionally or made me think deeply about a topic. Sometimes they were beautiful stories. Most of the time they were the books that I need to own and will reread over and over again because I love the characters and story.

A Flawed Heart releases TODAY, so go grab yourself a copy now!!

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Book Cover Reveal: 'Tyler' by Jo Raven

Check out the book cover for 'Tyler' by Jo Raven!

Sexy dude

TYLER (Inked Brotherhood, #2) COVER REVEAL
New Adult Contemporary (Erotic) Romance
by Jo Raven
Cover by Jo Raven
RELEASE DATE: End of July 2014



Four years have passed since I left home, my parents, and my brother Asher behind  since I shut out my past.

And Erin. Four years since I last saw her, since I heard her voice and held her in my arms. I've spent my time forging a path from woman to woman, from bed to bed; trying to find an answer. But I think I've lost my way. There's no light at the end of the dark.

No big surprise. I carry the dark inside me. I'm a bastard  branded as such from the start. I never give my phone number and address; I take my pleasure and don't come back for seconds. No commitments; no promises and no happy endings. Yeah, I'm a bastard down to the bone and I don't give a damn.

But now I'm back in my birth town, the town I fled at eighteen  back to make amends to the brother I abandoned and watch from afar the only girl I've ever wanted. Hope isn't a currency I can afford; I learned that lesson long ago.

Yet when she looks at me and says my name, I can't help but hope.

Young fit man
This is book 2 in the Inked Brotherhood series which started with Asher. It is a stand-alone. No cliffhanger.
The expected publication date is end July 2014, on all of your favorite e-book websites.


Tender romantic young lovers


“Why, Tyler? Tell me why you left.”
“I don’t wanna talk about it,” he grinds out.
I want to bang my fist on his chest and slap his face. My fingers curl against the soft fabric of his T-shirt, and I feel his muscles clench underneath.
“Screw you,” I whisper and I hope my voice won’t break and betray me. “That’s all you have to say to me? I’m not going to—”
“You’re so beautiful,” he whispers.
Shocked into silence, I stare at him. His gaze is moving over my body, a hot, silky glide that steals my breath. His pupils are dilated, making his eyes look black.
I try again. “After all this time, I just want to know—”
His hand hooks around my back, pressing me to his body, and he bends his head toward me, dark hair falling in his eyes. His mouth descends on mine, sealing the words inside.
The world falls away with a murmur as he kisses me. I gasp and his tongue pushes inside, tangling with mine. He licks at my mouth, and he tastes so good – like dark chocolate and pepper. Familiar. Thrilling. Sexy.
I want more. I slide my arms around his hips and kiss him back. His chest vibrates against me as he moans and then he drags me closer, until my breasts are crushed against his firm abs.
A tiny voice in the back of my mind is screeching in protest – this shouldn’t be happening, we should be talking, explaining, finishing this off – but it’s drowned in the rushing of blood in my ears, the thundering beat of my heart. His smell, his taste, the feel of his muscular body, it all sends waves of scalding heat over my skin, through me, tightening the tips of my breasts, starting a pulse between my legs. I cling to him as I burn from the inside out; I desperately need him – need to feel him around me, against me, inside me. Everywhere where he’s been missing for so long.
His hands move down to the small of my back, then lower, lifting my skirt. He swallows my moan of protest and slips a hand round the front, inside my panties. I gasp as his callused fingers touch me, slide inside me.
Oh god, oh crap. It feels so good. He strokes me, rough and tender, soft and hard, until my body starts to shake. Pleasure rips through me, tearing me apart.


Jo Raven writes New Adult Erotic Contemporary Romance. She loves sexy bad boys and strong-willed heroines, and divides her time between writing and reading. When not cooking up plots, she putters in her cluttered kitchen and dreams of traveling to India and Japan.