Sunday, July 27, 2014

Book Review: Never Lose Hope by K.D. Carr

Check out my book review for 'Never Lose Hope' by K.D. Carr.

*An e-ARC was provided by the author for an honest review.*

I really enjoyed this Novella!

Jon and Judy are a married couple. They have an active sex life.

Judy surprises Jon at work for an afternoon delight.

One day Tom asks Jon for help. Says his wife, Hope, talked to Judy, and Judy suggested Jon might be able to help him with his love life.

So, Jon meets with Tom every morning with a set of tasks. To try and figure out if Tom can come up with ways to make his marriage work.

Tom doesn't quite understand. 

Meanwhile, Jon and Judy are having the time of their lives being flirty and sexual. They know how to keep their marriage spicy.

In the end, Tom and Hope are seeing changes and are communicating better than ever.

This was a sexy, fun, and even a bit educational!

I give 'Never Lose Hope' by K.D. Carr 4-stars!

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